My name is Joe Piotrowski and I am a bird watcher and amateur Photographer living in Williamsburg,Va. Photography has been a hobby since I was developing film in my closet darkroom in high school 40 years ago. Those days I had a 4x5 Toyo View Camera and was an avid Zone System Nerd. I am glad those stinky, slimy days are over. Film is dead! Now I take my trusty Canon Mark III with 4.5-5.6L IS 100-400 Zoom and Tripod(with cable release-some things never change) into the wilds and capture information. I use my dual monitor computer and the many Adobe programs (Lightroom 3 and CS5) to transform poor technique into art. Golly Gee, I guess I’m still a nerd-some things never change.

Despite my amateur status(I must work my day job to eat) these pics are for sale. Check out the Merchandise tab also, there are some nice coffee cups,etc which can have an image placed on them.If you are interested in licensed use of these photos please E-mail me because the original files are much larger than these JPGs. Also E-mail me if you have specific needs. These images are all Copyrighted and unlicensed use is prohibited.

If you enjoy the photos do me a favor and sign the guest book. Leave your E-mail if you need a reply.

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